We Are Always Looking To Make New Friends. . .

Joint venutre for secure trailer parking lot and drop yards nationwide

Ventures With Existing Drop Yards

If you currently own or operate a drop yard Fleet Yards wants to discuss ways in which we can help achieve the maximum from your yard.  We conduct a free security audit of your yard an identify potential concerns.  With qualifying yards we enter into marketing agreements, which include free access to our yard managment software and many other benefits to your business operations.  We then actively market your yard to the industry and only charge a commission on the business we place with you.

Develop A New Yard With Us

If you own or manage industrial land that is currently under utilized call Fleet Services.  We will conduct a free review of your proeprty and determine the profit potential of opening a secure trailer parking lot and drop yard at your location.  Fleet Services will then offer you a join venture to develop and open your new secure trailer parking lot and drop yard.  As partners we share the costs of setup and operating.  We also market the yard to our extensive industry contacts and take the lead in filling your new secure drop yard.